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Nosso compromisso

Última publicação, em: 20/02/2017

Dermaweb commits to delivering high-quality medical, scientific and environmental information in the fields of dermatology and dermo-cosmetics, and to update it regularly.

Dermaweb commits to producing content with information and services enabling all skin and hair experts, both those who are directly involved in treatment as well as those studying in these fields, to expand and share their knowledge in complete confidentiality.

To make this happen,

  • Dermaweb is steered by a scientific committee which meets twice a year to define, completely independently, its areas for development and to validate the new training materials posted online.
  • Its writing team acts totally independently, to define content and the editorial program, in agreement with the scientific committee.
  • The entirety of Dermaweb’s scientific content is written by doctors and scientists, recognized in their field, selected by the scientific committee for their expertise in dermatology or dermo-cosmetics, the work they have carried out, their teaching experience and their communication skills.
  • The information, articles and news published are based on reliable established sources such as those of medical and scientific communities.
  • The site is updated every week. The articles published are revised every year by their authors.