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The 24th World Congress of Dermatology

The 24th World Congress of Dermatology will take place in Milan, Italy from June 10-15, 2019.

The World Congress of Dermatology is the world’s oldest and continuous international dermatology meeting.

The Congress will focus on the major breakthroughs and advances in Dermatology, from clinical practice to research, technology and innovation, diagnosis and treatments, with a special attention to aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology.

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Dermatology and allergy

Recommendations to the patient before skin tests

The French Society of Dermatology Dermatological Allergy Group has just published a validated notice with recommendations for patients on preparing for dermatology-allergology consultations in the journal, "Annales de Dermatologie et Vénéréologie"*.
This notice is to be given to the patient at the time that an appointment is made. It clearly addresses the indication of the tests, their nature, their possible side effects and the 10 recommendations that the patient should be aware of and follow before the tests. You can view and print it at the top right of the "Documents" section.

* C. Desmond, F. Giordano-Labadie, A. Barbaud et al, on behalf of the French Society of Dermatology Dermatological Allergy Group. Recommendations for patients on preparing for dermatology-allergology consultations: Evaluation of the information notice of the French Society for Dermatology (Recommandations au patient avant les tests cutanés: évaluation de la fiche d’information du groupe dermato-allergologie de la Société française de dermatologie – Ann Dermatol Venereol 2016; 143:808-813).

Case reports quiz

Truth comes from the mouths of children

Miss I. is 26 years old. She is from Guiana and returned from a 4 week holiday with her family in Cayenne. She came for an emergency appointment in the context of a fever and the sudden appearance of ...

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Dermatoscopy quiz

Quiz 71

In this 52-year-old fair-skinned woman (phototype 1), what does this recent (3 month) polychrome pigmented lesion suggest to you?   What is your diagnosis? A: Basal cell carcinoma B: Malignant me ...

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Image N°26

Train yourself with images on oral mucosa

We offer you a new didactic training by the image, on the pathologies of the oral mucosa , written by experts:
Pr Jean-Christophe Fricain (Bordeaux, France)
Vincent Sibaud MD (Toulouse, France)
Emmanuelle Vigarios MD (Toulouse, France)

Find the correct diagnosis from an image and check your answer straightaway.

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Award for mobile app Skindiag

SKINDIAG awarded by two prizes

The SKINDIAG app. received the Bronze prize in the “Medical pathology communication” category at the Health Communication Festival and a Merit Award in the Mobile Application Tool category at the Digital Health Awards

Skin drug reactions

Find skin reactions that are attributable to a drug and vice versa in two clicks

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Cases reports

4 new cases reports from Saint-Louis Hospital

Incidental association?

An unusual cause of macrocheilia

Curious topography

A solitary red foot

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Bibliographic Survey

Bibliographic survey N°54

  • Sun protective behaviors of individuals with hyperpigmentation disorders
  • Influence of online discussion forums on acne treatment
  • Antibacterial and antibiofilm effects of sodium hypochlorite in atopic dermatitis

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Upcoming congress

14ème congrès de la Médecine Esthétique organisé par l'AMME

Date : 04/05/2017 > 06/05/2017
Location : Palais des Congrès d’Arcachon

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Training course

By Françoise Giordano-Labadie MD. Dermatology department, Toulouse University Hospital.

- New: Recommendations to the patient before skin tests
- Avoidance List
- Standard international series of tests
- Standard European series of tests


Dermatology and digital technology

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